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Your listing details are going to appear on the website. It's how people will get in touch with you. So you provide as much, or as little, detail as you wish. There are a few listing details that are required like your phone number and an idea of the location.

Have a look at the 'Book a Place' section of the website for an example or two. And don't worry you can come back to this any time to correct or change things including photos you have taken. You manage your own listing, it's self-help.

Property Details
Right O, this is your chance to do a bit of marketing (if there is a * this is required information, all the other boxes are optional to fill in or leave blank).
Go on, be inventive. Think up something that will catch the imagination. Pete's Perfect Pad in Paeroa is going to hook more people than Jim's Driveway.
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Mobile is preferred, but you could put a land line here. Further down you can provide more numbers, email and website in the full overview section.
Phone Contact *
Keep it affordable and more folk will come (it's OK to give a range and you can always provide details on the phone of extras on offer). And if you have a place that is one out of the box then the sky's the limit as to how much you can charge, up to you.
Overnight Fee *
So folk can see where you are on the map we've provided two options for you to mark a spot to show the general area of your property (NOTE: Option a) is for you to type in your address so that the marker will go exactly to place on the map; or option b) is for you to simply double click on the map where you want the marker to show your general location).

a )Type your location here; or b) double click on the map below.
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Tick the boxes and or provide details in the 'fuller details' section below.
pets allowed
You've only got 120 characters here, so keep it brief and to the point. This is what shows up on the front page of the website to catch attention.
Property - Brief Description *

You can upload up to 4-6 pictures. Show your place at its best. Photos will bring your listing alive.
Don't sweat if you haven't got some good photos - upload anything you've got for now and come back to this later when you have taken some good shots.
The first photo you upload is the one that appears on the website listing page. And by the way PARK-SLEEP may upload a couple of photos from your locality to add value for tourists. If you are having difficulty with the prospect of uploading your photos then ask a teenager for help. Only ever use your own photos.
Upload Images *
Files (maximum 6):

Now's your chance to wax lyrical about those sunsets over the beach or star-lit night sky. Tell them anything else that you have to offer at your place so that they know what they could be in for like:
   •access to your BBQ,
   •email address,
   •size of vehicles you can accommodate, or
   •a bit about yourselves...
Property - Full Overview *
Optional Property Details
This is your extended contact information; it's purely optional if you wish to provide your full address and other contacts.
Street or road
City, town or area
Post code
Landline or other phone numbers
Website or email address
Optional Extra Information about your locality or region
Even more marketing. They're not from 'down-under'... they could be from Timbucktoo. They haven't got a clue what there is to do in your region. Go on, tell 'em what is worth seeing or doing while they're about.
Give your visitors the best shot at finding you by giving them some hints. Or say you'll give directions by phone.
Sightseeing places to go or things to do
Locality Information
You might want to reinforce things like No Pets or No Smoking or Departure Time. Then again, you might not want to look like a finger-wagging wowser. Up to you.
Account Details
Private section, no-one will see this, it's purely for your account registration with us and we won't share it with anyone, Scout's Honour, see our privacy policy. This information is not published on the website, it's required for your PARK-SLEEP account so we can get in touch with you and so you can Login to your listing to update or edit it.
We won't use your name on the public listing.
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We won't use your name on the public listing.
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This will be used by: you to login into your account or us to contact you.
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You choose your password - make it something you'll remember (write it down) - as you'll need it to login into your account so you can edit your listing
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